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May 202024Nikki beach club, a slice of paradise in St Barts Nestled on the pristine shores of St. Jean Beach in Saint Barts, Nikki Beach Club stands as a beacon of luxury, style, and unparalleled beachfront entertainment. Since its inception, Nikki Beach has become synonymous with high-end, sun-soaked revelry, drawing a jet-setting crowd from all corners of the globe.
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A premier destination
Nikki Beach Club in Saint Barthelemy is more than just a beach club; it's an experience. The club's idyllic location offers guests breathtaking views of the turquoise Caribbean Sea, setting the perfect backdrop for a day of relaxation and fun. The atmosphere is a seamless blend of sophistication and laid-back charm, making it an ideal spot for both daytime lounging and vibrant nightlife.

Exceptional Culinary Delights
At Nikki Beach, the culinary offerings are as impressive as the setting. The menu is a curated mix of international flavors, with a strong emphasis on fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Guests can indulge in a variety of dishes, from sushi and seafood platters to gourmet pizzas and salads. Signature cocktails, crafted by expert mixologists, complement the menu perfectly, offering refreshing choices like the Nikki Beach Mojito or the St. Barts Breeze.

A heaven for entertainment
Known for its legendary parties, Nikki Beach Club hosts an array of events throughout the year. From high-energy beach parties and themed brunches to live music performances and fashion shows, there's always something happening at Nikki Beach. The club's resident DJs keep the energy high with a mix of house, electronic, and chill-out tunes, ensuring every visit is a memorable one.

Luxury amenities
Nikki Beach Club St. Barts is designed with comfort and luxury in mind. The club features plush daybeds, private cabanas, and a beautiful infinity pool, allowing guests to unwind in style. For those seeking a more exclusive experience, the VIP area offers a secluded retreat with premium service.

Embracing the Nikki Beach lifestyle
The philosophy of Nikki Beach is encapsulated in its motto: "Celebrate Life." This ethos is evident in every aspect of the club, from its vibrant events and exquisite dining to its relaxed yet refined ambiance. Nikki Beach St. Barts invites guests to immerse themselves in a world where every day is a celebration, and every visit is a new adventure.



 8    4    4
from 19,000 to 70,000 $ / week

C'est ma vue [WV DSA]

 6    3    3
from 7,000 to 46,000 $ / week


 6    4    2
from 7,000 to 33,000 $ / week

Xanadu [WV XAN]

 8    4    4
from 9,000 to 50,000 $ / week

Ott [WV OTT]

 8    4    4
from 15,000 to 55,000 $ / week

Seala [WV SLA]

 10    5    5
from 40,000 to 140,000 $ / week


 8    4    4
from 23,000 to 100,000 $ / week


 8    4    4
from 10,750 to 39,000 $ / week

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