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Feb 1320247 things to do while in St Barts From luxurious resorts to charming seaside villages, this island paradise offers a myriad of experiences for every type of traveler. Whether you seek relaxation on the sun-drenched shores or adventure in the azure sea, here's a comprehensive guide to the best things to visit, do, and eat while in Saint Barts.
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Beach life at Petite St. Jean
This our favorite afternoon beach. It's especially fun when we can take a break on a weekday, when you have the best chance of finding a secluded spot all to yourself. With fine white sand, shade from the occasional coconut palm, and the soothing whisper of the wind, this beach on the eastern end of St. Jean is especially relaxing. The water is normally very calm, specially toward the right-hand side of the beach, where it can be so tranquil and clear that it feels like you are swimming in an azure lake. One big advantage of this location is that it is just steps from the heart of the community of St. Jean, with plentyfulness of small restaurants and shops when you need a break from the sun. When the water is calm, this is the perfect beach for children.

Saint Jean beach

Breakfast at Maya's To Go
Maya's restaurant has been a sought after dinner reservation for decades, but as Maya's to Go it's become the insider's choice for breakfast and lunch too. In the morning, you can find muesli on fromage blanc, a perfectly flaky croissant, freshly squeezed exotic fruit juice, and killer coffee. Thanks to the position you can see in the early morning the island waking up. You see all the workers going to work, the tourists getting ready for the beach and the planes taking off at the airport. It is a vibrant and fresh, the archetypal St. Barth spot that attracts equal amounts of locals and tourists. Randy and Maya are in and out all day, greeting loyal clients who make Maya's to Go their first stop upon arrival. They know better than anyone else who is and is not on the island at any given time.

Breakfast at Maya's To Go

The fish market in Gustavia
At the entrance of Gustavia, there is a little fish market that many people do not know exists because you have to get there early—all the fish is usually sold out by 9 am. A group of local fishermen sell their early-morning catch to restaurants, locals, and visitors. Sometimes the fishermen have to sleep in the parking lot to save a spot. So if you wake up early enough, you have to head into Gustavia and watch for the fisherman standing by the road and waving a lobster to catch the attention of passing drivers. In addition toCaribbean lobsters, you can often find dorade, wahoo, and tuna, which are all great for home cooking. The colorful reef fish on offer can be a little trickier to cook, and are usually used in local cuisine as a base for soups.


Lunch at L'Isoletta
For an easy Italian lunch, you should go to this little Italian trattoria-style spot in town. All the food is prepared in the morning so it is fast and convenient, and it's located in the heart of Gustavia. Kristina For desert we suggest their well-known tiramisu. It is also a great place for take-out. The fact that L'Isoletta is the little sister of L'Isola, one of the most popular and renowned restaurants on the island, is a good guarantee of quality.

Lunch at L'Isoletta

Design shopping at Yume
Yume is a new and fascinating interior design shop on Route de Saline, St. Jean. We like this shop because all items are high quality and mainly handmade with neutral colors, so they're easy to adapt to any interior. The owner also offers an intricate collection of clothes and scarves from natural materials like cotton, linen, and silk. It's a brand new shop that's only been around for a few months, but the owner has many years of experience in the industry.

Design shopping at Yume

Scenic route with a drive through Grand Fond
All drives around St. Bart's are breathtaking, but the drive through Grand Fond is the most exceptional. Here, along the island's Côte Sauvage, you can really smell the open ocean like nowhere else. It¹s the perfect refreshing alternative after a few hot beach days on St. Bart's. The whole Grand Fond is a very magical place with very little construction, picturesque vistas, rocky beaches made of weathered coral, and impressively turbulent waters. As you drive along the coastal road, the one lone is the famed Maison Nureyev. Situated on a rocky bluff mere feet from the pounding surf, it makes for a mysterious and lonely vision. It is a drive we discovered that won¹t found in most tourist guides.

Scenic route in Saint Barth

Dinner at Le Carré Lounge
Le Carré, the ideal restaurant for people-watching, is a lively, unpretentious place to start the evening. The owner himself is almost always there and greets each guest like a regular. Because the restaurant is outdoors, in the middle of town, next to some of the most popular shops and galleries. share with your company the cheese quesadillas, chicken wishbones with garlic, mini hamburgers with homemade chips or bone-marrow toasts. That sounds like a lot but it's so delicious that you will not up any resistance. To balance the rich cuisine we end with fresh sorbet.

Dinner at Le Carré Lounge



 8    4    5
from 35,000 to 130,000 $ / week

La Danse Des Etoiles [WV DOL]

 11    5    6
Pointe Milou
from 34,000 to 140,000 $ / week

Only View

 10    4    4
Pointe Milou
from 12,500 to 50,000 $ / week

Poppy [WV POP]

 4    2    2
Mont Jean
from 12,000 to 75,000 $ / week

La Corniche [WV DAY]

 8    4    4
Pointe Milou
from 8,000 to 42,000 $ / week

Sauvage [WV MJP]

 6    3    3
from 6,000 to 31,000 $ / week

Festival [WV BEN]

 6    3    3
Pointe Milou
from 9,000 to 30,000 $ / week

Villa K [WV VLK]

 8    4    4
Anse Des Cayes
from 16,000 to 65,000 $ / week

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