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The spirit of St Barts

It will be love at first sight with the island of St Barts and its “reduced scale” dimensions.

The doll-size houses, the toy planes, the tiny coves, its casual elegance will prove you immediately that there will never be a place like St Barts, where chic fashionistas get dressed up to go to the beach. The soul of the private universe of St Barts reveals innate good sense and taste of the locals, that kept Gustavia, the capital of St. Barts, just the right size. For certain aspects St Barts looks more like a village in Provence than an island in the Caribbean. You will find French cheese of all kind, baguette, Pastis, you will hear French music on the radio. Every French cliché, but delivered without any of the rigidly conventionality of the French mainland.

St Barts, the ideal Caribbean destination to enjoy a relaxed, unhurried vacation view villas