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Best time to visit St Barts

It's got a French vibe, gingerbread-style cottages in the pint-size capital of Gustavia, and the kind of sun great vacations are made of.

Although the island of St Barts is blessed with a year-long warm climate, usually the temperatures don’t vary much and they keep steady between 70s and 90s, there are preferable times of the year when it is definitely possible to get the most out of your Caribbean stay. The best time to visit the island is certainly during the three months from April to June when the rental rates lower considerably right after the super pricey winter season and the weather is nearly perfect right before the rainy season. This time of the year boasts the best combination low budget-pleasant weather. Frequent showers are registered on the island during the months of September, October and November while the driest season goes from November to early spring, however this is also the priciest time for a stay on the island. Since the Saint Barthélemy Airport has an extremely short runway, most tourists fly into the Princess Juliana International Airport in the neighboring island called St. Martin and then take a shuttle flight or ferry to St Barts.

St. Barts is the place to go if you're after peace, pristine white-sand beaches and calm aqua waters. view villas