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Beach Hopping

Over twenty magnificent Caribbean white sand beaches around the island

Saline beach: enclosed strip of white sand surrounded by tropical vegetation and uneven rocks embracing the turquoise of the sea. An uncontaminated beach with no sun shades nor sun beds, no chalets nor kiosks, only the unspoilt play of the colors of nature.

Plage de Lorient and Saint Jean are for those seeking entertainment. The first is a half moon shaped sandy beach with shallow water, perfect for children. Pure white sand at Saint Jean beach, crystalline water home to sea turtles, and pieds dans l’eau restaurants with sun shades and sun beds, boutiques and a windsurfing center.

Anse de Flamands is a quieter and wider stretch of sand offering rare little palm-tree shade. This gorgeous beach offers restaurants for seaside dining.

Gouverneur beach or Anse du Governeur, just West of Saline, on the South side of St Barts, offers surrounding cliffs and islands in the distance. Best for snorkeling enthusiasts and for topless sunbathing lovers.

Shell beach owes its name to the composition of its sand which is made of a large accumulation of seashell pieces smashed by the sea. The restaurant Do Brazil on the right side of the beach provides umbrellas. It is also a good spot for snorkeling.

St. Barts is the place to go if you're after peace, pristine white-sand beaches and calm aqua waters. view villas