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On the Island With or Without Children

While the island of St Barts is both madly expensive and packed with tourists over the holiday season, it turns out that August is the perfect time to go; lower rates and uncrowded beaches.

Although it is possible to find some good hotel options, renting a house is definitely the best choice for a relaxed holiday, particularly when kids are around.
By booking through Home in St Barts you will enjoy the privilege to select your exclusive accommodation among the best on the island.
Baby-friendly lunch spots around the island

  • O’Corail: Informal spot directly on the beach — we recommend the fish of the day.
  • Tamarin: Charming location with lily pad ponds.
  • Do Brazil on Shell Beach: Located right next to the town of Gustavia — we recommend the grilled octopus.
  • L’Isoletta: The best gourmet pizza in town — very easy for take-away.

Baby-friendly dinner spots around the island
  • Baz Bar: Located in the Gustavia Harbor, the best sushi in town plus live music. Closed on Sundays.
  • Eddy’s: A great, casual local’s spot.

Recommended spots for dinner without children
  • L’Isola: The best fine dining on the island — order only off the specials’ menu.
  • L’Esprit: Gastronomic cuisine.

Best Take-away
  • Maya’s To Go: Located right across the airport — best take-away food, all prepared daily.

Stunning beaches
  • Columbier Beach: Accessible by a short 20 minute hike. Crystal blue water. We recommend to pack a picnic lunch and bring a parasol with you to spend to stay.
  • Saline Beach: A long walk from the parking to get to the beach.
  • Petit Cul de Sac: Small area for relaxed and intimate sunbathing.

Baby-friendly beaches
  • St. Jean Beach: Watch the planes come and go.
  • Flamands Beach.
  • Shell beach: Good snorkeling spot on the left hand side.

  • Visit the Fishmonger hut, Halle de Poissioneirs in Gustavia, to check out all the local catch coming in. If you go before 7am you can buy fresh catch-of- the-day.
  • Hike to the natural pools of Petit Cul de Sac; choose a guide to get there.
  • Drive Cote Sauvage in Toiny and Grand Fond.

Guests on the island are sure to be entertained all throughout the year. view villas